Papercraft, other 3D models and scale (wip)

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Was looking into making 3D models.  A cheaper way to do some models instead of 3D printing (cheap so far is $349 on sale micro+materials[plastics])

Example – The Micro, engadget link:

M3D homepage:

Was looking on the web at software and alot was expensive.


I found printable rulers if you don’t have one:


Other references:

Instructables, Open Source papercraft:


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Using Optic motion tracking (webcam) an object for a computer input device

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7/20/14 draft

Using Optic motion tracking (webcam) an object for an input


Using a webcam for optic motion tracking, and an object for an input. In this case, it worked really well today with a red object that didn’t match other objects in the room.  Only tracks X, and Y, coordinates.

Notice on object color/problems:


It was jittery/wobbily when I used a color that matched other colors in the room.

You could also print out the color as needed and clear tape the paper over the device.

Flashlight may work – I used an led flashlight and was able to use a webcam to track objects but too wobbly…

Paint in Air

Paint in the air, use webcam, or wiimote,  or X as controller

For this lab the following will be needed:

– paint program, Artrage 4 free Demo version may have options for more realistic paint drips

– Camera Mouse 2014: (free but has license for use)

–keyboard: to be used to toggle mouse-click-and-drag, on and off with the Capslock Key.


–Flashlight: (as needed) may work better,

–(optional) print paper to wrap a different color over object, such as red.

Lots of patience :-)



Camera Mouse 1.0 2014   Homepage:

Downloads page:

Page has software adds ability to drag but didn’t work, so used autohotkey script

Autohotkey forum page link:

used autohotkey script so I could simulate clickndrag with the capslock key and an object.

With Capslock:



; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
; Language:       English
; Platform:       Win9x/NT
; Author:         A.N.Other <>
; Script Function:
;	Template script (you can customize this template by editing "ShellNew\Template.ahk" in your Windows folder)

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

#singleinstance force
count = 1

if count = 1
	Click down
	traytip,,waiting for 2nd %a_thishotkey%
else if count = 2
	MouseGetPos, varX, varY
	Click up
	send ^c
	click %varX%, %varY%
	count = 0



The software was Camera Mouse 2014 and disabled all check boxes in the control tab, except F9 to turn on/off mouse tracking.


Saving the config file:

After you get the settings you want goto File → save as… I saved over the default.




Other resources:



Other webcam software:


Webcam Signature:

for writing signatures…

Dorgem – webcam tracker, a security cam

Camspace –  seems made for gaming

umouse not currently available




Other Input Device/controller ideas:
For cheap Steering wheel: Tape Mouse to the inside of frisbee or lid. using mouse set the buttons within the game to accelerate and brake for the mouse buttons.


sword, pen, paintbrush, empty spray paint can, ping pong padal,

Weather Radar prediction, free satelite databases, DIY w. radio


Unimap is astronomy software in pre-alpha stage, the website lists satelite image viewing databases.

An DVB-T usb stick can be used as a software difined radio after a hardware driver called zadig is installed.


Ham radio broadcasting now requires a license in the U.S.  As there are alot of RF devices out there it can can be fun to learn about this field.

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mp4 data cd/DVD, gift

wip 7/3/14

MP4 Data cd/DVD/Blu-Ray

I’ve also been able to play mp4’s put on a cd-r using ImageBurn, used , Panzera mp4 converter, converted AVI to mp4

Panzera free audio-video pack:

Then used ImageBurn ‘write files or folders to a disc’ and add files or folders and set a volume name

here’s how to make cheap cd or bigger gifts for people, and you could be able to put other data files besides mp4 to read on a pc

CD/DVD Envelope

Make CD envelope with piece of paper

Example of cheap $12 for 100 CDs

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Fast Screen Reading and Font, BackgroundColor, Margins

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Edited: 7/3/14

What font and background color is best for reading from a computer screen?  I was told Verdana in a computer class.

For background color I like the yellowish color called Sepia RGB(251,240,217) that Kindle for PC uses.  I used software to get the RGB values…  Here is a forum topic discussing it:

Formats for old books that can be easier to read for portable devices if PDF doesn’t work are: mobi, epub, text, and Kindle

Adobe Reader BGColor/Accessibility:  In Adobe Reader GoTo:  Edit, Preferences, click Accessibility on left; you can change the bg color.  You can also choose to configure accessibility options such as screen reader support.

Squirt  – fast screen reading of books/text; 400-1000 wpm

There is a bookmarklet that enables you to read words (text) in a browser faster, you can read on average 400 words per minute, and supposedly up to 1000 words per minute


A similiar smartphone App is called: Spritz


original reference:

Some Monitor settings for Windows PCs

Monitors ClearType Tuner for windows – you can also adjust these settings to make fonts more clear.


Adjusting Refresh Rate:

If you are using windows, go to Control panel,Display, Click on settings tab,Advanced,Monitor, make sure that “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” is checked and then select your Screen refresh rate who fits your needs.


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thoughts Virtual Globe, Google Earth


Was looking for alternatives to google earth that gives user more freedom with maps

Marble is more like a virtual globe, and I think would be helpful to learn geography and has access to old maps and works on smartphones.

Softpedia link for World Wind:


Installing, Configuring, and using World Wind Java; didn’t work

Part one Downloading and installing some files

1. create WORLDWIND_JAVA folder to put files in

2. Download and install the latest Java Runtime Engine and uncheck to install Macafee if you want

3. Downloaded World Wind daily zip

4. Extract the zip file to a folder

4. after looking at readme text files: Locate and run WorldWind.jar in the folder, a jogl file [example jogl*.jar](I assume Java openGL library), I put jogl-all-natives-windows-i586.jar

5. If it doesn’t open go to open with and go to: C:\Program Files\Oracle\JavaFX 2.1 Runtime\bin\

and click javaws.exe

This is for Java web start launcher

I couldn’t get it going because of Java Issues…


I did get the 1.4 windows version to load up, and couldn’t use it very well, it was from 2007, it requires Microsoft dot Net but not Java


Earthbrowser desktop – from 2007, but mobile might be ok

SASGIS was in russian


Looked at alternatives to google earth

Earth Explorer doftware on Softpedia:

‘Professional Review of 1.3.5′: (May 22, 2006)

Home Planet: Old/2006

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Options for playback Adobe Flash and Google’s Youtube

This post is primarily for Firefox on Windows but some of the settings such as using Greasemonkey+ the Youtube HD Lite Revived script may work on Linux also.


First adobe flash has some settings in the control panel.  Some settings you may want to configure for privacy reasons or if they annoy you include:

Local Storage for specific websites – ask,yes, no…

Microphone and Camera usage

Peer to peer networking


For Firefox Greasemonkey addon with the user script Youtube HD Lite Revived can be used to control youtube streaming.  Here are some Modifiable setting with it as of 2013/11/1

// CONFIGURABLE OPTIONS (see for more info)
var use1080p = false,
use720p = false,
wideVideo = true,
wideSize = “medium”,
hideAnnotations = false,
scrollToVideo = true,
autoPlay = false,
autoPlayChan = false,
skipAds = false,
hideControls = true;

You might want to configure it for lower quality if video takes awhile to buffer on the site.

other options for better streaming are available as well

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